Colour Vibration

Written By: Peter Henry Cheasley

Many vibrations reach the earth from the universe. Of these vibrations a small octave is registered by our optic nerves. Our eyes respond to the vibrations and register what we have labelled colour. Interestingly, tests have concluded that the vibration of colour is also registered within the optic nerves of those who are unsighted.

The different vibrational rate of colours has been registered scientifically, as has the effects of different colours on our nervous system, independently of our minds or our sight.

All matter emits vibrations. Someone with sensitive or trained sight is able to see the colour of these vibrations, which creates the physical manifestation of the aura.

When we see colour, what we see is a reflection of light. The light energy is received by us at varying wave lengths, which translates itself within our perception as different colours.

The energy and therefore vibration which is received on earth extends far beyond visible and invisible light. Vibration is created by the number of oscillations per second, which creates the frequency, and the size of each oscillation, or the wavelength. For example, gamma rays, X-rays, and ultraviolet light possess very short wavelengths, and a large amount of energy. Visible light, infrared light, microwaves, and radio waves have longer wavelengths, but lower frequencies and energy.

In addition to the wave properties, visible light also has particle properties or photons.

Colour who sell colour therapy products, have an excellent page with diagrams which helps to answer the question what is colour energy.