The Extra Terrestrial Communication Connections to Unified Field and Music

Written By: Roger Anderton

ETI Communication is being overlooked by ignoring what Unified Field Theory has to say on this subject.

Einstein was working on the Unified Field Theory with several scientists. One of these scientists was Lancelot Law Whyte; strangely he is mostly forgotten.

The Unified Field Theory tradition can be traced back a long way from Whyte.

There was conflict between science and religion in the Galileo trial, and the Catholic Church placed a Ban on the Heliocentric theory after this trial. This did not prevent people from still investigating those ideas in secret. But when Newton proposed his theory, the Catholic Church was then in the awkward position of having to remove the Ban. One of the priests Father Boscovich was a great supporter of Newtonism, and was a prime mover in getting the Catholic Church to lift the Ban and allow Newton’s theory to be taught in Catholic countries.

One of the reasons for the Ban on the Heliocentric theory was because some in the Church did not like the religious interpretations placed on such a theory from their understanding of the Bible; they preferred the theological belief that the Earth was the centre of creation and that God looked down on us from heaven.

There were similar religious interpretation difficulties with the Atomic theory. However, when the Ban was lifted on the Heliocentric theory, the covert Ban on the Atomic theory was also lifted, and the version of Atomic theory that the Catholic Church accepted was Boscovich’s theory.

First it should be emphasised that the word “atom” has changed its meaning. Scientists in the 20th Century named a small unit of matter the atom, and then they split it with the Atom Bomb. In the original meaning of the word the atom was unsplittable, but what we now refer to as atom is splittable. Boscovich’s atomic theory can be traced back a long way into Ancient Greek philosophy, most notably Pythagoras who some scientists working on Superstring theory could be called the first known string theorist. Boscovich-Pythagoras Atomic theory is thus more akin to modern String theory; which is the present attempt at a Unified Field Theory. And when one thinks of string, one can also think of music: Pythagoras as an excellent lyre player, figured out the first known string physics — the harmonic relationship. Pythagoras realized that vibrating Lyre strings of equal tensions but different lengths would produce harmonious notes (i.e. music).

Pythagoras believed that he could hear the music of the spheres- that is the heavens (outer space) was filled with music. A study of the heavens searching for ETI communication through music should therefore be something that SETI be doing. The only Radio astronomer pursuing this line of investigation is Peter Cheasley, and he is getting very interesting results from his music analysis of radio signals. It could be that ETI communication is all around us in the music of the spheres, but most investigators are diverted from looking at radio signals in that way.